Print Design in a World Gone Digital

Most advertising and information sharing is done digitally. For some communication, quality print is the best way to go. Print is best for reports that need to be studied, business cards, brochures, signs, glorious books, and more.
Print continues to have a place in the marketing mix – because it works. Four-fifths (79%) of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. Targeted directed mail boasts a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%.

That is why online brands like Airbnb launch print magazines to reach important stakeholder, print catalogues are on the rise, 10bn business cards are printed in the US each year and advertising print totaled $45.2bn globally in 2013. Growth averaging 4.5% per year is predicted to continue to 2024.

Book Cover and Page Design

People do indeed judge a book by its cover. Just as an attractive cover draws the eye, a dull cover can cause readers to move on to a more appealing image. Your best chance of making sure people stop to look at your book cover is to make sure it is designed by a professional. Publishing is one industry in which amateurish design is considered déclassé.

We offer custom, professional ebook and print cover design, first concept delivered within 14 days, royalty free images and textures, several rounds of changes, 3-d images for marketing and promotion, and upload ready art.

Report, Brief and Proposal Design

Packaging Design

Involve More Than One Sense

Brains have many ways of storing information, why not appeal to them all?

Sight: A great website is key for your business, but next to word of mouth, personal networking is the best way to build trust in potential clients. How do you share your beautiful website? Distributing links through social marketing, intelligent SEO, and working forums are great ways to market yourself. But physically leaving behind something tangible is still the best way. The more times someone sees the same thing, the more comfortable they become with it. If a reminder of you is hanging around on someone’s desk for weeks, you have a better chance of actually connecting with the potential client the next time you meet.

Touch: A beautiful business card with a silky or embossed texture can really make a great impression and instill confidence. An intriguing brochure can be left on a desk and picked up on several occasions to remind the potential client of you later, instead of being deleted or even saved in email limbo with the intention of being looked at again, but ultimately forgotten.

Smell: Ever see someone lift a book to her nose and inhale? Print has a scent. The smell of a book changes with age. A freshly printed magazine wafts up several aromas. Scent makes a silent invisible neurological connection with you.

Sound: The crackling as your brochure is folded to fit into a pocket or purse, the opening of an envelope or hearing the words “That’s me” as a business card is handed over establishes more connections.

Taste: Only relevant to goats, and they don’t buy many services, so forget about appealing to taste.