Networking Party

Metin Networking: A Simple and Authentic Way to Meet People on Your Own Terms.

Terri Metin, Realtor at CENTURY 21 New Millennium – Host – and Facilitator

Networking doesn’t have to be the province of users and takers; networking done right is nothing like the stereotype. It’s not about making shallow, insincere connections and filling your wallet with business cards. Instead, the real goal is to turn brief encounters into mutually-beneficial and lasting friendships—in both your personal and professional life.

Drawing on our own experience and that of experts, we’ll share insights on how to be a good networker, including concrete tips on how to:

  • Turn initial small talk into meaningful exchanges
  • Unlock the power of social media as a networking tool
  • Transform casual online contacts into real-world connections
  • Make the most of conferences
  • Set a schedule for keeping in regular touch with your network


Then we’ll run some fun exercises

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, and whether you currently relish or loathe making new connections, my goal is to teach you the strategies you need to make networking fun, joyful, and enriching.

Then, if enough people are interested,

Renée Duran, Duran Website Development – Facilitator

we’ll continue with monthly networking meet-ups. There will be no annual fees to pay, each event will be unforced and voluntary. They’re fun, no need to push it. Each member will eventually be asked to host an event at his or her home, community room, or favorite restaurant/tavern (you may decline).

Each event will have a key speaker who can share what he or she does in a very short talk. If you’re not the speech giving type, no need to sign up for that bit.

$10 PLUS a bottle of your favorite beverage.

We’ll provide snacks.

Next event topic: Repair and strengthen troubled relationships or How volunteering strengthens your ability to reach out to all people. We’ll vote on it at this party.

Pay with the button below to hold a space, or don’t forget to pay at the party.

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