Logo Design

1. Brand Recognition

The more often a logo registers in your brain, the stronger relationship and association you have to purchase that brand. Poor logos often get a lower rate of association, which means more money needs to be spent to gain the same level of brand awareness.

2. Higher Perceived Value

As much as we try not to judge a book by its cover, doing so is ingrained into our psychological being. A brand that exudes quality creates an immediate association of quality. This means when you have a great logo, you can charge more.

3. Confidence

a logo that instills integrity, competence, and leadership has the ability to convert more business. Confidence also attracts employees, retains staff, and strengthen sales teams, who now have the confidence to close more sales at higher prices.

4. Pride

Customers who are proud of brands tell more people, which generates more referrals. Pride also impacts your staff, resulting in more effort being put into their jobs.