A Professional Face

Your Website reflects who you are as a business.
Renée takes time to understand the current needs and future aspirations that your small to medium sized business needs. She provides affordable, effective solutions resulting in a professional face to present to the world.


Kevin Murphy is a former Wall Street managing director, high school and collegiate wrestling champion, community activist, speaker, coach, and author of the books The Three Rooms and The Land of Perception and Time.

Kevin needed a website and marketing materials to launch his new venture as an author. His book The Three Rooms became a number one best seller on Amazon in it’s genre.

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The book “The Three Rooms” employs the metaphor of rooms to illustrate the different mental states we can experience: the Past Room, where we dwell on past events; the Future Room, where we worry about what’s to come; and the Present Room, where we can find inner peace and contentment. The Present Room is characterized by positive emotions such as joy, acceptance, and compassion, and it represents an ideal state of mind.

Renee created a website and a brand identity for the book, which included a logo, a book cover, and a color palette, as well as integration with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, a blog, newsletter opt-in forms, and social media feeds to build a following.

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Plea was founded in response to a heightened awareness of the growing gap between developed nations and poor/under-served communities globally. Their mission is to facilitate the exchange of medical and educational resources via established partnerships between various individuals, businesses, and organizations for the empowerment of under-served communities globally.

We designed a website and products to help raise money for their cause.

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Liza Mendoza is a retired lawyer who chose to start a business bringing adventure to silver set. She offers personalized tours for small groups at a pace everyone can handle and enjoy.

Duran WD created a dynamic WordPress site with event calendar and contact form. We optimized the site’s search engine visibility allowing her business to be found online, and created a custom logo and identity that took into consideration the look and feel of the proprietor herself. Renee also created large type subtitled videos to make the information more accessible to everyone.

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In recent years, the mental health of teenagers and young adults has taken a sharp decline, with a staggering 44% of American high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in 2021 – a figure that has remained steady even after the pandemic. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the founders of The Lamplighters Alliance banded together to develop a solution. They crafted a curriculum that teaches young people to cultivate inner happiness and find their own light, and set out to spread their message through various channels, including books, public speaking, classes, free podcasts, and engaging videos.

To help disseminate this informative material, Renee utilized her skills to design and animate a series of educational videos, as well as creating a visually compelling website, logo, and branding to promote the initiative.
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Keys to the Future
Based in the DC area, Stephen needed a website to present the new turn his career took from leader, to leader’s coach. Stephen successfully held executive Human Resources leadership roles in a variety of industries throughout his career.

He ventured out on his own to help executives to be authentic and effective leaders and broaden their understanding of what is achievable through their leadership and the responsibility to humanity that they hold.

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velocity ascension
Helena Mahatey is a spiritual book author. Keeping a consistent look and feel, we designed a book cover, logo, various illustrations and posters, website and blog to help launch her new book “Velocity Ascension”.  Helena uses the easily navigable blog to interact with her readers, and get her mission out to the public.  Duran WD set Helena up with a system that allowed her to post to Twitter and Facebook as she blogged so as to keep all of her avenues updated and consistent.

The online store that we created allows her to sell copies of her book and downloadable audio meditations.

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Jackie King
Jackie King was transitioning from being an opera singer to reinventing herself as a pop singer. She needed a website to showcase her new music, style and persona. Jackie primarily used social networking to market herself, and wanted to integrate Facebook, Instagram and twitter into her site seamlessly.

Duran WD created a website that kept fans engaged allowing them to listen to music, watch videos and purchase recordings directly from iTunes. The site was built with WordPress so that Jackie was able to update information herself. The social feeds updated automatically.


Team Carver is known as a neighborhood pioneer and is respected as one of Las Vegas’ premier real estate agencies.

Duran WD worked with Braina Sopala to design and develop the new site to showcase the firm’s extensive portfolio of residential, commercial and retail properties. Duran WD built the site in a content management system to allow Briana to keep all listings and information current.

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Based in Brighton MI, Spirit Rising Yoga has evolved from a one woman studio into the number one yoga studio in the Detroit area, employing over 10 teachers. Duran WD has partnered with the self-made yoga expert to take her thriving business to new heights. Custom website and print design solutions communicate the benefits of her classes and intense teacher training program. And more recently, with the addition of a download store, brings the Spirit Rising philosophy to a clientele that spans the U.S. and Europe. Business sold at a good profit. Website down.